Crescent Network

Crescent Network (CSN) is the world’s first multi-use Proof-of Stake token built on Ethereum platform (Incorporating ERC20 and POSToken Standard) which is backed by a physical mining facility.

The Crescent Token being an Ethereum token first implements the Proof-of-Stake mechanism through which the holders of Crescent Token can earn some extra tokens just by staking Crescent Token for a period of time, greater than or equal to the minimum Coin Age of Crescent token and stops staking until it reaches the maximum Coin Age of Crescent token.

What is Crescent Token?

The Crescent Token is a multi-use Proof-of-Stake token developed on the Ethereum platform. CSN Token having Proof-of-Stake mechanism but also aims to provide its users with a cryptocurrency token that will incorporate multiple uses and have a marketplace for its use as well, which will add to the value and utility of the token.

Specifications of Crescent Network Token

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